H.D.Cotterell GmbH & Co. KG 

Ellerholzdamm 38

20457 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 317875-0 
Fax: +49 40 317875-26


Our newest innovation:

Since December 2017 we operate two Controlled-Atmosphere-Chambers for the treatment of infested commodities like i.e. Cocoabeans, Spices and Nuts at Ellerholzdamm 38 in the center of the port.

 Our new facility foreholds two chambers…

Chamber I    278,3 m3   abt 50 mt cocoabeans in bags

Chamber II  379,2 m3   abt 75 mt cocoabeans in bags

 … and it works as follows:

 After the goods have been delivered into the chamber(s) they will be warmed up to abt. 20° C. As soon as this temperature is reached, the chambers are flooded with nitrogen (Stickstoff) and the Oxygen is replaced. The treatment runs fully automatic and is permanently online monitored. Our facility is ideal for the treatment of organic commodities.

Zero CO2 Emission

We drive eco friendly through the Hamburg port with our electric cars such as Renault Kangoo and Nissan Leaf. 

The electric cars start and drive soundlessly and reach abt. 150 km after a full loading unit. These comfortable and eco friendly E mobiles simplify our daily trips to the warehouses.