The Innovation

H.D. Cotterell is the first independent service provider for melting cocoa products in Germany signed under the subsidiary Cotterell Cocoa Services (CCS). The combined service of storage and melting cocoa products is unique in Germany.

Since 2010 we have now melted cocoa liquor for the sweet confectionery industry. Due to the increasing demand for further melting we have built a new production hall and extended the melting volume for cocoa liquor from 70 mt/day to 150 mt/day and added cocoa butter to our product range. Further, we are now able to sterilize cocoa liquor and deodorize cocoa butter for you. 

In 2014 we have started to melt cocoa butter which we deodorize on demand.

In our new production hall you will find a tank farm with 17 heated tanks. We have available 6 tanks á 25 mt and 3 tanks á 50 mt for cocoa liquor and for cocoa butter we have reserved 8 tanks á 25 mt. Thereof we use 6 tanks for deodorized cocoa butter and 2 tanks for natural cocoa butter. The total melting volume for cocoa butter is 100 mt /day.

Please find more details on the left  Cotterell Cocoa Services and Technical Details. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


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