The innovation

As the first independent service provider in Germany, we have been melting blocked cocoa mass for the industry since April 2010. The combined service of storage and melting is new, innovative and so far unique in Germany.

In order to meet the increased demand of our customers for melted cocoa mass, we expanded our melting capacities by building a new production hall in November 2013. In addition to a melting plant for cocoa mass the new production hall includes two further plants for further processing. The melted cocoa mass can be sterilized by the Petzholdt Heidenauer plant and the liquid cocoa butter can be deodorized by the Chemtech International plant.

With this new melting plant we are increasing our melting capacity for cocoa mass from currently approx. 70 mt per day to approx. 150 mt per day. The blocked butter itself is not melted in this new hall. This takes place in our first melting plant for cocoa mass, which was converted at short notice to melt cocoa butter. We melt approx. 100 mt of cocoa butter per day. The volume for deodorized butter is also 100 mt per day.

Our “tank farm” is in the factory. This tank farm consists of 6 tanks of 25 mt and 3 tanks of 50 mt for cocoa mass. We have 8 tanks of 25 mt each for cocoa butter. We use 6 tanks for the deodorized butter and 2 tanks for “natural” butter.

In 2021, 100% of Cotterell Cocoa Services (= CCS) was sold to our previous minority shareholder Niche Cocoa Services (= NCS). Here is the link from NCS.